The thought of free Internet is inherited from the thought of free software. The vision of free Internet is to make users have the same freedom to develop and use internet service as free software since internet service is essentially a special kind of software.

According to the four essential freedoms of free software and difference between software and Internet service, we proposed the three essential freedoms of free Internet here:
  • Freedom 0
  • Freedom 1
  • Freedom 2



To realize the grand vision of free Internet, the open-source community must be reinvigorated, which requires weapons as powerful as the GPL for free software. That’s why we designed FIDAO (Free Internet DAO). We believe that DAO is a more advanced form of organization, more democratic, open and transparent, and can protect everyone's interests, thereby solving following problems that lead to the decline of open-source community:

  • a. Open-source projects nowadays are actually controlled by large companies or foundations, violating the original intention of freedom.
  • b. Lack of profit model and benefit distribution mechanism, individual contributors cannot get material rewards what they deserve.
  • c. Unable to develop user-oriented internet services, but only background components.

We hope that FIDAO can also be as contagious as the GPL. If a free internet project operates in the form of FIDAO, then project calling it should also operate in the form of FIDAO, inheriting the spirit of freedom


"Talk is cheap, show me the code", we are not just staying at the concept level, but we have made a product called FIDAOHub that realizes the concept of FIDAO. FIDAOHub has the following features:


What should a free internet be like
Free internet belongs to community,The Free Internet Manifeso also needs to be decided by community
Free internet belongs to community, The Free Internet Manifeso also needs to be decided by community.